Be hyggelig in your own way.

    Hymn to the hidden beauty of details

    Be hyggelig in your own way.

    Have you ever heard of Hygge? This term is originally Danish, but its concept is now used from other nothern Countries, such as Norway and Sweden. Close your eyes, and imagine to get home after a stressful day spent in a freezing turbulent metropolis. Try to distance the thoughts of your daily obligations and find some time for yourself. What would you need?

    If cozyness is part of your selfcare-routine, this is the article for you

    Hygge is the art of enjoying life, celebrating welness through comfort and ease. A hot cup of tea, a soft blanket or a night spent with friends lit by soft lights. These are the small things that are probably sufficient to pursure happiness. And Scandinavian people know it better. Hygge went viral on social media becoming what all of us seek. Happiness depends on details, and an environment that reflects this spirit become necessary. Homeware, clothing, art and music are all elements that embrace this phylosophy.

    Meik Wiking published in 2017 the best-seller The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well that made Hygge known to the world. Recently, he published “My Hygge Home”, a guide on how to create welness, comfort and warmth in our home. Get rid of the unnecessary so to facilitate tidiness and sufficient room. There are two main elements: warm light and sense of hospitality for others and for ourselves. Soft fabrics, cushions and carpets help creating this cozy vibe.

    Candles everywhere. Scandinavian culture have a special relationship with light. Northern Countries weather alternates between a short sunny summer and a long dark winter. For this reason Scandinavians find in candles and its soft light and relaxing smells a way to stop the stream of thoughts and find a peaceful moment. According to statistics, a Danish citizen burns 6 kg of wax and more of 30% of population confirms to light more than 5 candles at the same time to start their hyggelig moment.

    Are your eyes still closed? Your favourite playlist is playing in your living room, you're wrapped up in a soft blanket reading a book (Haruki Murakami Norwegian Wood, for example) and drinking a hot chocolate. Staring at your phone all day is the least hygge you could do, so "do not disturb" mode on and prepare for a digital detox.

    Layering is essentail for the typical Copenaghen girl. Hygge style is based on this idea in order to protect you from the cold. Comfort and warmth come also from the closet of a hygge woman who does not give up fashion. The style is essentially minimal and oversized and includes a color palette with the infinite shades of black and grey and beige and white nuances. Copenaghen Fashion Week, which is becoming an important player of the fashion scenario, reflects exaclty this spirit. Brands that a few years ago were popular only in Scandinavian territories are now famous everywhere. If you think of Northern Europe fashion, Acne Studios pops in your mind. Born in 1993 from the cretivity of Jonny Johansson, who defines his designs as "maximalist minimalism”, Acne Studio is already iconic thanks to its unique and modern style, paying close attention to creating contrast between a classic yet modern style, an essential yet eccentric view. But Acne Studios in not alone. Innovative and younger lables such as Toteme, Our Legacy, By Malene Birger and Séfr are succeeding in taking Scandinavian minimalism everywhere with a cozy and fashionable vision. Their design is characterized by soft cuts and a restful block palette, perfect to be paired with more vivid colors from our edit. Must-haves? Scarves, gloves and beanies to feel warm and cuddled during winter days and to finish off your outfit with special accessories.

    Are you curious to discover which are the true Scandinavian hygge designers? Discover them all in our exclusive edit: Acne Studios, Our Legacy, By Malene Birger, Séfr, Ganni.

    In our edit: Etro, Autry, Fornasetti, Alanui, Marni, Ruslan Baginskiy, J.W. Anderson, Dolce & Gabbana, MM6 Maison Margiela, Jacquemus, Valentino Garavani, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy.