How to endure cold, with technology, history and style

    FW23 edit: “THE DOWN JACKET”

    When temperatures drop and winter hits, we face a crucial choice between classic elegance and thermal comfort. Often, we go for refined wool coats made of clean cuts and tailored elements, but who said that warm comfort can't go hand in hand with style? This is the reason why puffer jackets have become must-haves in every winter closet, putting together the newest technologies to manage the cold weather without giving up coolness and style. Winter jackets magic is in advanced technologies that make them lightweighted, warm and resistant.

    Every down jacket has a story to be told. The choice of color and design is like a new chapter of your winter diary, and the jackets are the pages to write it down. Either you're willing to embrace timeless black elegance, the neutral versatility of white and grey hues or a lively touch, this edit gives you the possibility to express your unique style during the freezing season. Innovative designs, protective and waterproof fabrics guarantee the highest protection and a flawless look.

    CHAPTER 1: Black, synonymous with mystery e sophistication.

    This is the favourite color of those wishing to maintain a chic silhouette without giving up a warm comfort during winter months. For a minimalist design, once again Jil Sander proves to be a must-have. With its high quality and quilted fabric, Jil Sander offers a luxury warmth. Let Maison Margiela double breasted puffer jacket wrap you up in an avant-garde design. It doesn't matter what you're wearing beneath. This piece is so extraordinary that you won't go unnoticed. Courrèges brings the 60's energy into the present with this vinyl down jacket and its brave and retrò aesthetic. This is the right choice if you're trying to take a step backwards to another era. Inspired by Egyptian territories, Rick Owens created the “Luxor Funnel” jacket, choosing its name on behalf of the city where the designer spends winter season. Being one of the most coveted item of the season, this jacket captures the avant-garde vision of the brand.

    CHAPTER 2: Candid white, symbol of purity.

    Bacon Clothing, a brand born in Milan in 2011, takes its inspiration from underground grunge cultures from the 90's, making its puffer jacket its core business. “DADA 78 AMD PEARL” is the perfect choice for assembling a modern look with an oversized fit, perfect for any body shape. Charachetrized by its iconic hooks, this Fay patent effect down jacket is the finest manifestation of Italian luxury. The story of the brand starts in the early 80's in the United States, when Diego and Andrea della Valle attention got caught by the work jackets of Maine firemen. They shrewdly took over the brand introducing in Italy the idea of converting workwear into dailywear. Among the top brands producing 'down jackets', Canada Goose and Moncler are everlasting masters. Luxury and technology of fabrics face the most extreme weather conditions, preserving a modern design.

    Undoubtedly, a coloful puffer jacket is key to win over the coldest months with style and originality. Here's some choices to explore vivid colors and vibrant hues. Alanui, Ienki Ienki, Nanushka and Duvetica fight back the greyness of the season. Discover now our selection.

    In our edit: Jil Sander, Maison Margiela, Courrèges, Rick Owens, Bacon, Fay, Canada Goose, Moncler, Alanui, Ienki Ienki, Nanushka, Duvetica.