12 must-haves for a cozy autumn: discover now the details that will change your home

    From warm bathrobe to candles - Here's the guide to get the Essential Items to set the perfect Autumn mood.

    12 must-haves for a cozy autumn: discover now the details that will change your home

    Autumn is just around the corner and it's bringing the need to change your home in a cozy and warm environment. Bright candles flames and soft wool blanket weave. Discover the edit for her: 12 essential items that embody elegance and the autumn beauty and will bring warmth and style in your home during this magical season.

    Within the house, the bathroom is a personal sanctuary. This room deserves carefulness, and every detail can make it an oasis of style and comfort. Here's some tips on how to enhance your bathroom with details that reflect your character. Take luxury in with Missoni bathrobe and terry cloth towel set and let Missoni aesthetic and comfort caress you.

    Even the simplest details define a unique style. Off-White brush is the example of how an object of day-to-day use can combine shape and purpose and add a touch of innovation to your daily routine. When it's about setting the right mood, Brunello Cucinelli candle can transform your bathroom. The warm and embracing light blends with the fine design and the high quality ceramic creating a wellness aura.

    Every detail is vital in the living room. Curl up in Greg Lauren patchwork blanket while reading Assouline "Aspen Style". This book celebrates pure glamour, the working-class history and the romance of the virtually untouched landscape. If you love art, discover also Taschen book dedicated to David Hockney. Sunnei "I Hate Fashion" rug makes an ironic, modern and full of style statement. All these elements turn your living room into a unique space.

    Every item is crucial to make your home design unique: the versatile and elegant Sunnei Murano glass vase that blends an ancient technique with a modern design, or Marine Serre water bottle and Fornasetti wine glass set and plate that capture the attention.

    Choose the piece that reflects your style to add a personal and elegant touch to your home.

    In our edit: Missoni, Off-White, Brunello Cucinelli, Assouline, Taschen, Sunnei, Marine Serre, Fornasetti.