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    FOCUS ON: Magliano

    A Political Statement of New Italian Menswear.

    FOCUS ON: Magliano

    In the eclectic Italian menswear fashion scene, a name emerges that captures attention for its freshness and boldness: Magliano. Founded by visionary designer Luca Magliano, this young and dynamic brand is quickly conquering the fashion landscape with its unique aesthetic and innovative design philosophy. The story behind Magliano is as captivating as its design. Established in 2015, the brand presents itself as a mix of tradition and contemporaneity. Its collections stand out for their bold balance between classic silhouettes and modern details, creating a unique expression of style that breaks conventions.

    The peak of success came in 2020 when the designer won the prestigious LVMH Prize, a coveted recognition in the fashion world that celebrates emerging talents. Indeed, the victory captured international press, proclaiming Luca Magliano as a political pioneer in the field of socially committed fashion.

    Magliano embraces individuality and authenticity, encouraging creative expression through each garment. Every detail, from revolutionary silhouettes to hidden messages in the prints, is designed to stimulate reflection and spark meaningful conversations about politics, identity, and culture. With Magliano, fashion becomes a vehicle for social transformation, merging aesthetics and activism into a single powerful vision.

    Discover our editor’s team selection of Magliano SS24.